Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP)

The Ecosystem Services Partnership ESP ( will organise several conferences in 2016 focussing on the use of the ecosystem services concept in policy and practice to find ‘nature based solutions’ for pressing environmental and socio-economic problems in:

  • Asia (organised in South Korea, 30 May-3 June),
  • Europe (organised in Antwerp, Belgium, 19-23 Sept.), 
  • Africa (organised in Kenya, 21-25 November),
  • North America, together with ACES (organised in Florida, USA, 5-9). 
  • Latin American (probably from 14-18 November in either Colombia or Brazil), and the
  • Oceania Chapter is also planning a conference, but no date has been set yet.


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ESP MENA Conference 2018

The first ESP conference in the MENA region will be held in Jordan 22-26 ...

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Volume 35 no. 4, December 2017