about IALE
about IALE

Mission statement

The International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) aims to develop landscape ecology as the scientific basis for the analysis, planning and management of the landscapes of the world. IALE advances international co-operation and interdisciplinary synergism within the field, through scientific, scholarly, educational and communication activities.

Landscape ecology: science and action

IALE encourages landscape ecologists to transcend boundaries and to work together building theory and developing knowledge of landscape pattern and process, developing integrative tools, making them applicable to real landscape situations and applying them in solving problems.

Throughout the world, landscapes are being altered more rapidly, more extensively, and more profoundly than at any point in human history. Comprehensive land use planning and sound land use policy are still the exception, but should become the rule. Members of IALE have a critical role to play.

Applying landscape ecology stimulates the integration of various disciplines. Therefore, landscape ecology should always look for opportunities for action. Landscape ecologists make assumptions and uncertainties explicit whenever relevant, point out the risks for the decision maker, and always strive to improve the applicability and accuracy of their tools.

Landscape ecology: the vision

In looking ahead, IALE envisions a future characterised by:

  • widespread recognition, within the scientific community, of the contributions made by landscape ecologists,
  • rigorous research and scholarship, resulting from active collaboration and interdisciplinary synergism among diverse fields encompassed by biophysical sciences, social sciences, humanities,
  • natural resource management, land planning and design, conservation, and land use policy widely, routinely, and creatively based on principles of landscape ecology.

How does IALE achieve its aims?

  • IALE provides an infrastructure as a world wide organisation of landscape ecologists, which serves as a discussion platform and stimulates interaction across the disciplines.
  • IALE will create an infrastructure to make it easy for landscape ecologists to contact each other and to know about current developments in landscape ecology around the world.
  • IALE brings together expertise from different disciplines to advise in solving problems and to contribute to research programming.
  • IALE will use this mission statement and explanation as a measuring scale against which to judge its activities at the annual meeting of the executive committee.


International Multidisciplinary Combined Event

- September 9-13, 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia -

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10th IALE World Congress – Call for abstracts!

July 01-05, 2019 in Milan, Italy

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Volume 37 no. 1, May 2019