IALE world venures in the past:

10th IALE world congress

2019 in Milan, Italy



9th IALE world congress

2015 in Portland Oregon, USA


8th IALE world congress 

2011 in Beijing, China 



7th IALE world congress 

2007 in Wageningen, Netherlands 

Website, Abstracts Vol1., Vol. (PDF) 


6th IALE world congress 

2003 in Darwin, Australia 



5th IALE world congress 

1999 in Colorado, USA 


4th IALE world congress

1995 in Toulouse, France 


3th IALE world congress 

1991 in Ottawa, Canada 


2nd IALE international seminar 

1987 in Münster, Germany 


1st IALE seminar 

1983 in Roskilde, Denmark


IALE President's Message

A message from Rob Scheller the newly elected IALE President

IALE - North America: Landscape Ecology Without Borders

Message from IALE-North America President

Announcement of 7th biannual meeting of IALE Argentina Chapter

The 7th biannual meeting of IALE Argentina Chapter will be held during 8-11...

New IALE Bulletin out now!

Volume 37 no. 1, May 2019