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Become a Member

Why become a member?

When you join IALE, you will become part of a large and active community of landscape ecologists. You will become aware of the multi-facetted research and management activities from all over the world and learn of different ways to address many pressing issues, such as climate change, habitat fragmentation, water shortages, urbanization, and environmental sustainability. Your membership and involvement in IALE will help enrich and extend the rapidly expanding field of landscape ecology to all areas of the world.


Member benefits include:

How to become a member?

  • If you reside in a country or region with a chapter, please contact that IALE region. If your country has no chapter, consider joining one of our regional chapters (Africa, Europe, or North America).  When you join a chapter or region, you automatically become a member of IALE-World.  Please check the list of chapters.
  • If there is not an appropriate chapter or region, you can join IALE-World directly. Before filling out the online membership registration, please consider that the online version of Landscape Ecology is free of charge, and you will receive the credentials to get access after your registration to IALE-World. Please send your personal information to our treasurer e-mail address in order to be correctly registered.

Support IALE

IALE’s objective is to promote Landscape Ecology as a discipline, support meetings of IALE regions, and to provide high quality information and early career support to its members. We are registered in the Netherlands and welcome donations and sponsorship to deal with the costs of running the association. If you would like to be a sponsor or donor, please contact our treasurer. Donors are listed on our homepage.


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