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Based on the IALE-D Conference, which took place in Bolzano in October 2014, the Institute for Alpine Environment of EURAC in collaboration with the IALE-D is glad to open a call for papers related to the Conference Topic “Ecology, Resilience and Manage- ment of our Landscape”. Interesting presentations, diversified approaches as well as stimulating discus- sions during the conference confirmed the relevance and actuality of this topic.

Our landscape, with its diversity of flora, fauna, and ecosystems, is used by humans in multiple ways. Global changes of environmental and socio-economic conditions lead to processes such as intensification of agriculture, abandonment of marginal areas, and urba- nization. This leads to a permanent transformation of the landscape and profound changes in ecosystems. To identify the capacity of ecosystems and landscapes to cope with this development depending on their histo- ry and management is an important question for the future. This includes the need to analyze mechanisms and potential of resilience but also the transformation of ecosystems and the possible influence of land use and management on these processes. Thus, in a world increasingly modified by human activities, the con- servation of biodiversity is essential as insurance to maintain resilient ecosystems and ensure a sustainable flow of ecosystem goods and services to society.
The concept of resilience has been used for 40 years with considerable confusion connected to its definition and usage. The definition of resilience in general and of spatial resilience in terms of pattern and processes at different scales is an interesting concept, which has to be defined better, measured and integrated within modern landscape ecology. The resilience perspective is increasingly used to understand the dynamics of social–ecological systems. This approach allows to emphasize non-linear dynamics and to describe how such dynamics interact across temporal and spatial scales. Therefore, landscape ecology should and can contribute to the sustainable management and deve- lopment of landscapes.

The submission procedure for the special issue/topic has been initiated, and we look forward to receiving your interesting contributions.

Layout and structure of the papers

On the Special Issue website you can find information on the layout of the articles and a proposal for their structures. The editors as well as the reviewers and the readers would appreciate if you try to stick to these templates. There is no restriction of page numbers, but to make the papers more readable, the principle length of the articles should not exceed 25 pages. There are many possibilities to put additional information into different sorts of appendices.

Submission procedure

Please apply the instructions for authors from the journal’s online submission. Please choose the option: Special Topic: “Ecology, Resilience and Management of our Landscape”. Based on this information, the review procedure will be supported and organized by the guest editors.

Review procedure

Submitted articles which have been assigned to this special issue will initially be sent to the EURAC-team of organizers of the IALE-D2014 which will select 2 reviewers in cooperation with the journal’s editorial board. The results of the review process and a possible request for revisions will be sent to the authors when both referees have provided their evaluation. In case of major revisions, the reviewers will also be asked to comment the revised manuscript. To assist the re- viewing process, authors can add up to 5 competent and objective potential reviewers to their cover letter.

Of course, this special issue is open for colleagues who did not participate at the IALE-D Annual Con- ference. If you are planning to write a paper, please provide a short description of your paper in order to prepare the organization of the special edition. We are looking forward to your replies and paper submissions.

More information at:
or directly at:

by the Guest Editors Roberta Bottarin, Uta Schirpke, Ulrike Tappeiner


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