Young Scholar Awards: Travel grants for 50 early career researchers

IALE World Congress: Awards for Special Service and Young Scholars

Awards for Special Service

IALE was very grateful for the indispensable committment and long service of three of its members, Felix Kienast, Thomas Edwards and Ralf-Uwe Syrbe which received consequently the award for special services. Felix Kienast, the "living memory of IALE" served as Past President IALE 2015 – 2019, President of IALE 2011 – 2015 and Deputy Secretary General IALE 2007 – 2011. Thomas Edwards served as Secretary General IALE 2007 - 2019 and Ralf-Uwe Syrbe was Treasurer of IALE from 2007 - 2015.

Awards for Young Scholars - Travel Stipends

It was a particular pleasure of IALE international together with IALE Italy to provide travel stipends for 50 young scholars in an international context which enabled them to participate at the IALE World Congress and enrich it with their fresh and new ideas. The following Young Scholars received the award:Ana-Maria Calota (Romania), Paul Savary (France), Marc Gimenezmrangez (Austria), Franciszek Chwalczyk (Poland), Yaojin Zhou (China), Laurie Dunn (France), Luc Farly (Germany), Chia Hsieh (Taiwan), Joan Diazcalafat (Spain), Asitkumar Roy (India), Lucy Ridding (Uk), Wen Wang (Japan), Yue Yang (China), Zeina Baher (Egitto), Quianyuan Liu (China), Miroslav Sifta (Czechrepublic), Qian Mao (China), Praveen Kumar (India), Geertje Veeken (Uk), Jon Henn  (Usa), Yina Hu (China), Qiandu Huang (China), Sidoine Bokossa (Benin), Sophie Breitbart (Canada), Hayato Hasegawa (China), Tu Xueying  (China), Yilun Li (China), Aditi Bhardwaj (India), Aicelmae Alvarez (Philippines), Lea Uroy (France), Lucie Dietz (France), Xutong Wu (China), Yanjiao Ren (China), Lucie Lecoq (France), Luoman Zhao (China), Wang Man (China), Danna Lyu (China), Ying Luo (China), Isabella Romitelli (Brazil), Roshanak Afrakhteh (Iran), Junghee Hyun (Southcorea), Ilia Tamburadzhiev (Bulgaria), Cleandho Marcosdesouza (Brazil), Monika Egerer (Usa), Tomomi Sudo  (Japan), Michaela Lo (Uk), Sohini Neogy (India), Gabriela Rosa (Brazil), Dana Natawiguna  (Indonesia), Rebecca Kariuki (Tanzania).


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