International Geographic Conference "CHINA-MONGOLIA-RUSSIA" August 2018, Irkutsk

First Announcement

International Geographic Conference “Economic Corridor "CHINA-MONGOLIA-RUSSIA": Geographical and Environmental Concerns and Spatial Development Perspectives” will be organized by the V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS in Irkutsk, August 20-26, 2018. The conference is a platform to collaborate to devise solutions of fundamental scientific issues in the field of optimal environmental resourcing for life and living standards, development of modern urban and cultural landscapes and preservation of natural environment of transboundary and remote areas. Plenary and breakout sessions will cover geoecological and socioeconomic problems of cross-border regions, issues of component and integral assessment of natural resources and anthropogenic impact on the environment of transboundary territories, and peculiarities of interregional impact of geographic, socioeconomic and environmental factors. Particular attention will be given to spatiotemporal models of distribution and use of natural resources and to comprehensive geographic analysis of the settlement system within the transport-economic corridor "China-Mongolia-Russia", including its influence on the development potential of neighboring regions.


Topics Addressed (Sessions)

1. Natural-resource potential, effective nature management and "green" economy.
2. Modern natural landscapes and their components: transboundary anthropogenic impact and assessment of natural and disturbed geosystems.
3. Problems of spatial planning and regional development.
4. Sociodemographic and cultural-geographical aspects of regional development.
5. Information technologies in geography: advanced models of analysis of spatial-temporal features of territorial development.


Call for Abstracts

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