New IALE logo!

After more than 30 years with the same logo, we found it was time to design a more modern logo for IALE International. The present logo is from about 1982, the era of dot matrix printers. Unfortunately we could not figure out the actual designer , but the logo was designed under the first IALE Executive Committee, probably by one of the designers of the Dutch Institute for Nature Conservation (RIN). The initiator was the first General Secretary of IALE, Severin ten Houte de Lange. The new logo has been created by Marie Reichmann, who last year designed the new layout of the IALE Bulletin (see IALE Bulletin Vol. 33 no. 3). 


On the one hand, it was important for me to reflect on the changes of the past 30 years. On the other hand, I wanted to keep the shape of the former logo as a sign of tradition. As a result, I softened the outline of the font and brought the characters in a more balanced harmony. The original letters consisted of a blue dot pattern, which weakened in a color gradient. This has been a common kind of pattern until today. In the new logo, however, I tried to draw a connecting line to the work of IALE. In a topographic map, the colors refer to natural colors and the color-grading represents different levels of landform configuration. The new design tries New IALE International Logo to evoke the immediate association of ’something environmental’.


The last letter does not end with a clear edge, it rather extends slightly through the topographical lines. The lines as a negative form disrupt the letter. The components expand like separate puzzle pieces”, describes Marie the process of designing our new logo. 


Different versions of the logo were developed, improved and discussed within the IALE Executive Committee before the final version has eventually been selected.


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IALE Bulletin Vol. 37 no. 2 - December 2019