New Year greetings from the IALE President

Dear members

The year 2013 was a successful year for our Society. The membership is constant because the decrease in some European countries has been compensated by a growing membership in other regions and income has developed satisfactorily. Numerous meetings took place all over the world and increasingly Landscape ecological knowledge is  being applied in practice. If you google word combinations such as „Landscape ecology in practice“ or „Landscape Ecology Curriculum“ you’ll find an astonishingly wide variety of projects, programs, private and public bodies that all spread our knowledge. 2013 was a very successful year for a number of regions, including Iran, which held its inaugural meeting in the fall with ca. 700 (!) participants. Also the US IALE meeting in Austin, Texas attracted more than 250 participants. The organizers analyzed the meeting’s Abstracts, resulting in an interesting word cloud highlighting the major activity fields of the US landscape ecology.

In September 2013 IALE Europe and IALE UK hosted the European congress in Manchester with hundreds of participants including a high number of young researchers. And the success story goes on, for example, the inaugural meeting of the most recent chapter, IALE Romania, and lots of interest in establishing a Eastern Mediterranean IALE chapter. We have promising signs that IALE Africa will be established in the near future. Fruitful talks have also taken place with Indian scientists to establish an Indian chapter.

Last but not least: The current IALE International Executive Committee faces the end of its term in the summer of 2015. Thus we are seeking candidates for a new President, a treasurer, Bulletin/Web editor, a Secretary General and two Vice Presidents. If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please contact Felix Kienast, the current President of IALE International (felix.kienast(at)


by Felix Kienast, President IALE International


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