IALE-affiliated journal Landscape Ecology

IALE-affiliated journal Landscape Ecology

News from the IALE affiliated journal Landscape Ecology: Editors' Choice Papers | Color for free

The IALE-affiliated journal Landscape Ecology picked new Editors' Choice papers. The Editors’ Choice papers are selected by Landscape Ecology’s Editor-in-Chief for their high relevance to the field and outstanding quality of research, based on recommendations of the editorial board members.  These are exemplary articles published in Landscape Ecology during the recent three years.  Editors’ Choice is an honor bestowed by the editors of the journal upon its authors.

IALE congratulates all peers that contributed to the choosen papers and warmly recommend to (re)read these outstanding papers!

Using a species-centered approach to predict bird community responses to habitat fragmentation, Halsted, et al.

Linking ecosystem services, urban form and green space configuration using multivariate landscape metric analysis, Grafius, et al. (Open Access)

Beetle’s responses to edges in fragmented landscapes are driven by adjacent farmland use, season and cross-habitat movement, Ng, et al.

Impact of land-use change on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Chilean temperate forests, Rodríguez-Echeverry, et al.

Processes and driving forces in changing cultural landscapes across Europe, Bürgi, et al. (Open Access)

Ecosystem services and connectivity in spatial conservation prioritization, Kukkala and Moilanen (Open Access)

Consequences of a large-scale fragmentation experiment for Neotropical bats: disentangling the relative importance of local and landscape-scale effects, Rocha, et al.


In addition, the publisher of Landscape Ecology wants to stress, that publication of color illustration in both, the online and printed versions, is free of charge now.




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