IALE Grants

In the last years we have set up a transparent way of supporting the regions by having regular calls in the Bulletin. Your proposals for conference or chapter support will then be reviewed in the board and successful proposals will be supported.

Successful proposals since fall 2011:

  • US IALE 2016: Early career scientists travel support (3600 USD)
  • IALE Africa: Chapter support 2016 (5000 USD)
  • IALE Iran: Chapter support 2016 (3400 EUR)
  • IALE Italy (SIEP): Chapter support 2016 (1000 EUR)
  • IALE Romania: Consolidation request 2016 (35 EUR)
  • New IALE Working Group Spatial Analysis of Organisms in the Environment 2016 (1500 EUR)
  • New IALE Working Group 3D Landscape Modelling 2016 (900 EUR)
  • US IALE 2015 World Congress Portland: Early career travel (20000 EUR)
  • IALE Europe: PhD school 2015 (1500 EUR)
  • IALE Africa: Support Virtual meeting platform (1500 EUR), 2014
  • US IALE: Early career travel awards for US IALE meeting 2014 (2000 EUR)
  • IALE Eastern Mediterranean: Early career travel (1500 EUR), 2014
  • IALE Europe: Conference of all European Chapters 2013: Early career scientist support (2500 Euro for travel awards Europe + 2500 EUR for foreign travel awards overseas) and loan for Conference (5000 EUR)
  • US IALE: Early career travel awards (3x) for US IALE meeting 2013 (3250 EUR)
  • IALE Brazil: Early career scientist support for Brazilian Conference 2012 (2000 EUR) and loan for Conference 2012 (2000 EUR)
  • IALE Iran: support to establish a region (1500 EUR) and loan for a Conference (1500 EUR)
  • IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference Chile 2012: Early career support for several scientists (2000 EUR)
  • PhD course in Portugal organized by IALE-Europe and APEP & ICAAM: Fee waiver and early career scientist support (2500 EUR)
  • IALE UK: Early career scientist support for IALE UK Conference 2012 (1500 EUR)

Reports from early career scientists recently supported by IALE grants:

US-IALE meeting April 2016 in Asheville, North Carolina (joint support US-IALE and IALE International)

“This spring, I attended the 30th US IALE Conference, which was held from 3 to 7 April 2016, in Asheville, North Carolina, USA. The conference gathered more than 500 participants working in a wide range of fields and proved to be a fruitful meeting where scientists shared knowledge and discussed issues of landscape ecology. I am truly grateful for receiving the Foreign Scholar Travel Award which gave me the great opportunity to present my research on forest disturbances and landscape changes in a private forest ownership areas in Northern part of Romanian Carpathians, to discuss with landscape modelers about my approach and the possibility to create an interdisciplinary research with their studies and the chance to expand my professional network.

The conference represented an excellent place for scientists, planners and other professionals concerned with landscape ecology to create the framework for future transdisciplinary researches.”

by Vasile-Cosmin Cosofret, Romania

“I am involved as a PhD student of the West African Science service Center on Climate change and Adapted Land use (WASCAL) graduate study program on Climate change and Biodiversity hosted by the University Félix Houphouët-Boigny in Ivory Coast. The aim of my study is to improve conservation planning in Togo by assessing habitat ecological characteristics taking the savanna elephant as a focal species. Taking part of the US-IALE 2016 enabled me to share my work and discuss with an international audience and experts in the fields of Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology. This enabled also to identify gaps in my work I need to address. I came across new methods from symposium and workshops. Even, the field trip I took part of gave me insights in how to manage a protected area. I had the chance to be introduce to members of IALE-Africa and I wish not only to improve my work but also get involved in all the future activities of IALE-Africa. I have been fueled with the motivation of such amazing people bringing innovation in their respective fields of study and I am really grateful to the FSTA and to the US-IALE.”

by Aniko Polo-Akpisso, Togo

“As a biologist, I have always worked with mammals’ ecology but only during my PhD studies that I have started working with landscape approaches. The US-IALE meeting was a great opportunity for me to present part of my work as a PhD student and meet scientists in landscape ecology. The questions and feedback about my talk will improve my dissertation. This was my first time in an international conference, and I enjoyed the program and social events. I hope to apply some of them for future meetings in Brazil. It was also good talking to different landscape scientists from all over the world, specially, knowing the work of other PhD students. Many of the talks and posters gave me insights for my recent and future works. I will definitely come back to other meetings if possible.”

by Marina Peres Portugal, Brazil

“I would like to thank the “Foreign Scholar Travel Award”, which allowed me to attend the US-IALE conference in April 2016. This meeting was a great opportunity to present my current research in landscape change on the provision of ecosystem services and also to expand my professional network. It was my first time in the US and it allowed me to meet and talk with other people whose research focuses on landscape change, giving me new ideas and approaches to conduct my research in the future. Finally, I really enjoyed oral and poster presentations, which made me practice my skills with the language, and obviously, the chance to know different studies conducted and how landscape change affects society and the environment. I would really like to attend others meetings." Thank you all and cheers from Chile!”

by Rodrigo Fuentes, Chile

“Thanks to the US-IALE Foreign Scholar Travel Award I was able to participate in the US-IALE annual meeting in Asheville. I was invited by Virginia Dale of ORNL to provide a talk on the study our research groups conducts on the variation in carbon balances of wood pellet production in Southeast US in the special symposium ‘Landscape Designs that Incorporate Sustainable Wood-based Bioenergy: A Focus on the Southeastern United States’. In this and the other related sessions, very interesting presentations from a broad range of experts were provided and there were very fruitful discussions. It was my first attendance at an IALE meeting and I really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere, good organisation, nice interaction between young and senior scientists, and the great field tips. Many thanks for this opportunity!”
by Floor van der Hilst, Netherlands


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