Book series

Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology

The series is published in collaboration between IALE and Cambridge University Press Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology presents synthetic and comprehensive examinations of topics that reflect the breadth of the discipline of landscape ecology. The focus is on spatial relationships at a variety of scales, in both natural and highly modified landscapes, on the factors that create landscape patterns; and on the influences of landscape structure on the functioning of ecological systems and their management. Some books in the series develop theoretical or methodological approaches to studying landscapes, while others deal more directly with the effects of landscape spatial patterns on population dynamics, community structure, or ecosystem processes. Still others examine the interplay between landscapes and human societies and cultures.

Titles available: 

Sources, Sinks and Sustainability 
Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, Anita T. Morzillo, John A. Wiens (2011)
Globalisation and Agricultural Landscapes 

Change Patterns and Policy trends in Developed Countries
Jørgen Primdahl, Simon Swaffield (2010)
Key Topics in Landscape Ecology 
Jianguo Wu, Richard J. Hobbs (2007) 
Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology 
John A. Wiens, Michael R. Moss (2005) 
Transport Processes in Nature 
Propagation of Ecological Influences Through Environmental Space
William A. Reiners, Kenneth L. Driese (2004) 
Ecological Networks and Greenways 

Concept, Design, Implementation
Rob H. G. Jongman, Gloria Pungetti (2004) 

Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Management 
Jianguo Liu, William W. Taylor (2002)

More information: 

Website: Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology

Other book series: 

Springer Landscape Series 


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