World Congress 2023

The International Association for Landscape Ecology invites proposals for the 2023 World Congress.  The IALE World Congress is the premier event for landscape ecologists worldwide and regular attracts ~1000 attendees.  The event lasts one week and includes plenaries, symposium, oral sessions, posters sessions, a social dinner, and field trips.  

Past locations include:    
2003 – Darwin, Australia  
2007 – Wageningen, The Netherlands  
2011 – Beijing, China  
2015 – Portland, Oregon, USA  
2019 – Milan, Italy   

IALE is committed to providing the fullest support for hosting the event including loans, direct travel support for young scholars, processes and procedures developed over the past 20 years, program assistance, registration, etc.  We encourage all interested parties to submit a proposal, particularly regions who have not previously hosted, such as Africa and Latin America.   Full proposals are due by January 1, 2021.  However, we will work with any interested chapter to help craft the best possible proposal, based on our decades of experience.  Please contact the World Congress committee co-chairs at any time for assistance: Benjamin Burkhard (burkhard <at> and Robert Scheller (rschell <at>

* All proposals must be routed through an IALE national or regional chapter. We will not accept proposals directly from individuals, academic/research institutions, or private companies.
* Provide details about the city, transportation options, and local amenities (e.g. locations for field trips).
* Provide potential venues, the name of institutional (s) support (not sponsors), and name of potential conference chair/co-chair   
* Provide an overview of the meeting management structure. Will there be support from an events company?
* Provide details about meeting sustainability efforts:  How do we reduce our meeting footprint?    

Send your proposal as a PDF file to Robert Scheller, IALE President, rschell [at] 

Past World Congress

10th IALE World Congress

2019 in Milan, Italy


9th IALE World Congress

2015 in Portland Oregon, USA


8th IALE World Congress 

2011 in Beijing, China 



7th IALE World Congress 

2007 in Wageningen, Netherlands 

6th IALE World Congress 


2003 in Darwin, Australia 


5th IALE World Congress 

1999 in Colorado, USA 


4th IALE World Congress

1995 in Toulouse, France 


3th IALE World Congress 

1991 in Ottawa, Canada 


2nd IALE International Seminar 

1987 in Münster, Germany 


1st IALE Seminar 

1983 in Roskilde, Denmark


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