Executive committee

President, 2015-2019

Christine Fürst
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
email: christine.fuerst(at)  
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Secretary General, 2015-2019

Thomas C. Edwards  
US Geological Survey and Utah State University, Utah, USA 
email: t.edwards(at) 
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Treasurer, 2015-2019

Irene Petrosillo
University of Salento, Italy
email: irene.petrosillo(at)
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Deputy Secretary General & Communication Officer, 2015-2019

Benjamin Burkhard 
Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
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Past president

Felix Kienast (President 2011-2015)

Swiss Federal Research Laboratory WSL, Switzerland
email: felix.kienast(at)
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Vice Presidents and their roles (regions and tasks) in the Executive Committee:

Henry Bulley, 2017-2019

Region: Africa
Tasks: Outreach and communication (WG lead)
City University of New York, USA
email: hbulley(at)
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Andreas Aagaard Christensen, 2015-2019

Region: Europe
Tasks: Communication with the chapters
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
email: anaach(at)
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Robert M. Scheller, 2017-2021

Region: North America
Tasks: Initiation, coordination and monitoring of the WGs and their contributions
NC State University, USA
email: rschell(at)
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Liding Chen, 2017-2021

Region: Asia
Tasks: Monitoring and reporting on regional & international IALE events for organizing EC & Chapter meetings 
Chinese Academy of Sciences
email: liding(at)
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Sima Fakheran Esfahani, 2017 - 2021

Region: Near East
Tasks: IALE Chapter networking, female landscape ecologists network, education
Isfahan University of Technology, Iran
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Cristian Echeverria, 2017 - 2021

Region: Latin and South America
Tasks: Networking in Latin American countries, students and young researchers network
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile.
email: cristian.echeverria(at)
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Competitive call

Support for IALE Chapter and Working Group (WG) activities

ESP MENA Conference 2018

The first ESP conference in the MENA region will be held in Jordan 22-26 ...

New IALE Bulletin out now!

Volume 35 no. 4, December 2017