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International Working Group on Forest Landscape Ecology IALE-IUFRO

The International IALE-IUFRO Working Group on Forest Landscape Ecology established in April 2007, during the IALE World Congress in Wageningen under the IALE (International Association of Landscape Ecology) and the IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) Landscape Ecology Working Group (IUFRO-8.01.02) umbrella. This means that the working group has been approved and sanctioned by both IALE and IUFRO organisations in accordance with IALE statutes and IUFRO Directors approval. Since 2007, a new working group was created joining the forces of the existing IUFRO Landscape Ecology Group (IUFRO-8.01.02) with the IALE members interested in forest landscape ecology issues. Members of the IALE and the IUFRO-8.01.02 would be encouraged to join the Forest Landscape Ecology working group, thus creating the basis for solid advances of landscape ecology in both naturally disturbed and managed forest landscapes (including urban settings). The working group aims to collate landscape ecologists with an interest in forestry science and ecology including studies and methods for monitoring, planning, designing, and managing forest ecosystems and landscapes. The group promotes joining forces and participation from regional chapters of IALE and IUFRO members in the South and the North of the Globe. Therefore, members of the IUFRO-IALE working group, will be able to exchange experiences and share common needs and interests to build up on the strength of the network. As species and ecosystems are not contained by political boundaries, international cooperation is essential to ensure their preservation and sustainable management. This group will serve as an international platform for advocating and updating research and management on forest landscapes in the context of emerging issues, such as climate change and habitat fragmentation.

Objectives of the working Group

This group intends to set up a collaborative framework crossing disciplines and cultural boundaries with the goal to contribute to the theoretical and empirical rationale for linking landscape ecology with current practices in forest landscapes monitoring, planning, design, and management. Within this general goal, the activity of the working group will be aimed at: (i) to encourage communication and interaction among IALE and IUFRO scientists with an interest in landscape ecology and forestry (including urban forestry); (ii) to foster landscape ecological applications and building capacity into developing countries, such as eastern Asia, southern America, and central Africa; (iii) to study and report findings addressing the planning and management of forest resources at ecosystems and landscape-scale levels; (iv) to develop a network of experts and practitioners with common interests that can facilitate the preparation of funded projects through EU and International funded programs to enhance landscape forest research North-South; and (v) to link forest interests in between scientists and practitioners. These aims will be accomplished by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas; creating and maintaining personal contacts between IALE and IUFRO members; promoting the dissemination of research results and activities through IALE bulletins or IUFRO newsletters; encouraging cooperation with international organizations, e.g., FAO, IUCN, UNESCO, UNEP-WCMC; UNEP-IPCC; promoting uniform nomenclature in forest landscape ecology; summoning periodic meetings (e.g., bi-annual conference); recognizing outstanding scientific and practical contributions; assisting in the application of scientific concepts; supporting the teaching of landscape ecology in institutions of higher learning.


Membership in the IALE working group would be open and free to all persons or institutions interested in or active in the study or the application of landscape ecology in forestry science including studies and methods for monitoring, planning, designing, and managing forest ecosystems and landscapes. Interested parties would only have to sign up to an online IUFRO WP registration form. Through registration, you became part of our database of scientists, practitioners and organizations and receive information via our server list. This e-mail list serves also the working group members to communicate globally and exchange information on funding opportunities, fellowships and advances in research among other key topics. In addition members receive information on upcoming events related to landscape ecological research from IUFRO and in particular from IUFRO-8.01.02.

Activities of 2018

In October 2, 2018, we had a meeting of the IUFRO Group of Landscape Ecology (IUFRO 8.01.02) held within the framework of the IUFRO CONFERENCE "Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in transformation" (Posadas, Argentina).
A presentation of the group was initiated by João Azevedo (Chair) who recounted the beginnings of the group, which go back to the 1990s. In 1993 the first international conference was held to highlight the role of Landscape Ecology in the forestry sector, and since then the IUFRO Landscape Ecology Working Party International Conferences have been carried out.  João highlighted the benefits of the group (at no cost):

  1.  Joint work with IALE,
  2. The participation in an international network to promote and update research on forest landscapes,
  3. Organization of events,
  4. Access to information on funding opportunities, scholarships and advances in research, among other key issues.

Following this, Dolors Armenteras, coordinator of the working group of IUFRO-IALE and regional representative of the group for Latin America, appointed in both cases since January 2018, presented the revised objectives and activities that were developed by IUFRO-IALE and IUFRO LE LA during the course of the year:


  1. Encourage communication and interaction among IALE and IUFRO scientists with an interest in landscape ecology and forestry.
  2. Foster landscape ecological applications and building capacity.
  3. Study and report findings addressing the planning and management of forest resources at ecosystems and landscape-scale levels.
  4. Develop a network of experts and practitioners with common interests that can facilitate the preparation of funded projects through EU and International funded programs to enhance landscape forest research North-South.
  5. Link forest interests in between scientists and practitioners.


  • Jan 2018 New Forest Environment Landscape Ecology WG (8.01.02) Latin America Representative
  • Feb-April 2018 New regional representatives
    • Mexico, Carlos Alberto Mora, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon
    • Norte de Centro-América (Guatemala, Belice, El Salvador y Honduras), Denver Cayetano, Universidad de Belice
    • Costa Rica, Nicaragua y Panama, Juliana Espinosa
    • Zona Norte de Sud-América (Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam y Guyana Francesa), Christian Cando
  • IUFRO LE LA 2018
  • IALE Support for IUFRO LE Posadas Conference
  • Organized the II Landscape Ecology Symposium- II Simposio Ecologia del Paisaje en Colombia. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Javeriana, Instituto Humboldt
  • Contacts with IALE Chile, President Cristian Echevarria, Vice President Hector Jaime Hernandez

Sandra Luque coordinator of Division 8 - Forest Environment in IUFRO mentioned the general activities of XXV IUFRO World Congress 2019 "Forest Research and Cooperation for Sustainable Development" Curitiba, Brazil; 29 September - 5 October 2019. The group will be supporting this Conference during 2019.
A space was opened for the participation of the attendees, who showed little knowledge about the general functioning of the IUFRO groups, and related that their expectations are associated with the possibilities of financing, the participation of the students in the group, the channels of communication and training possibilities. In reference to the above,

1. Financing

There is a possibility of financing for students who submit papers (poster or oral presentations) at events. An example of this was the resources obtained by Professor Dolors Armenteras before IALE so that students could participate in the IUFRO CONFERENCE. Four students, 1 international and 3 from Argentina were awarded scholarships. A speaker was also supported from IALE.

  • There is the IUFRO award for the best doctoral thesis.
  • Through the group you can access exchanges with laboratories in Europe "IUFRO Laboratory Experience"
  • Scholarships can be granted for participation in pre - congress courses.
  • Other activities associated with congresses can be financed.
  • You can look for funding to participate in training courses.

2. Student participation

  • The low participation of students and the need to link students of other professions additional to Forestry Engineering were discussed. The possibility of articulating students participating in the group with IFSA (International Association of Forest Students) is mentioned, so that they can participate in summer schools and other activities.
  • It is proposed the election of two student leaders that serve as a channel of direct communication between the students and the group.
  • Greater participation of the students is proposed through short notes for the dissemination of their research and internships, in such a way that they can be disseminated in the group.

3. Communication Networks

  • IUFRO has Spotlight for the dissemination of significant findings of the IUFRO groups through short notes and with information on where to access the complete documents, these findings are distributed through publications, blogs, emails. Reports and findings that you want to disseminate through IUFRO Spotlight can be sent to: To be considered, the reports must be new, have political implications and be applicable to more than one country.
  • Communication channels between IUFRO - IALE must be improved
  • The presentation of posters by students in innovative ways must be motivated.
  • They propose to create SLACK to facilitate and unify group communications.
  • It is proposed to use wonderlist for the assignment and follow-up of activities.
  • It is proposed to create a hashtag # for the dissemination of the activities carried out

Expected Activities of 2019

  • Participation in the IUFRO World congress, Curitiba
  • Participation in the IALE World congress 2019 Milan, Italy
  • Organization of symposia in the framework of the IALE-IUFRO thematic groups,
  • We expect to define the next IUFRO-IALE Latin America meetings during 2019, and start with the lunch of the call of the new congress.
  • We expect to create new IALE chapters with the help of IUFRO members across the World (e.g. Colombia)
  • Dissemination of opportunities for support of students and scientists and secure IALE and IUFRO travel grants


Dr. Dolors Armenteras
Departamento de Biología, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Bogotá D.C (Código Postal 111321), Colombia
email: darmenterasp<at>

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