IALE council

Chairman (2011-2015)

Xiuzhen Li 
State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, Shanghai  

email: lixz(at)

goto personal webpage 

Deputy Chair (2011-2015)

Diane Pearson 
Territory Natural Resource Management, Darwin, Australia
phone: +61 8 8999 4144, email: diane.pearson(at)

Publicity Officer

Emilio Padoa-Schioppa 
RULE - Research Unit of Landscape Ecology, University di Milano-Bicocca, Italy 
email: emilio.padoaschioppa(at)

Regional Representatives to the IALE Council

Henry N. N. Bulley (Africa)
Guillermo Martinez Pastur (Argentina)
Diane Pearson, Deputy Chair (Australia)
Daniel Boscolo (Brazil)
Xiuzhen Li, Chair (China)
Ivo Machar (Czech Repubolic)
Søren Bech Pilgaard Kristensen (Denmark)
Hubert Wiggering (Europe)
Juergen Breuste (Germany)
Emilie Padoa-Schioppa (Italy)
Maciej Pietrzak (Poland)
João Azevedo (Portugal)
Maria Kozová (Slovak Republic)
Michael Grodzinski (Ukraine)
Richard Smithers (United Kingdom)
Felix Kienast, EC (Switzerland)
K. Bruce Jones, EC (USA)
Giovanni Zurlini, EC (Italy)
Jean Paul Metzger, EC (Brazil)
Sandra Luque, EC (France)
Bojie Fu, EC (China)
Thomas C. Edwards, EC (USA)
Ralf-Uwe Syrbe, EC (Germany)
Benjamin Burkhard, EC (Germany)

Notes: New members will be added after confirmed. For regional chapters that have no representatives yet, please elect one during your next regional meeting. Only representatives being newly elected or reelected by their regional sections before 1. January 2014 (preferably 1. January 2013) will continue in the council after January 1, 2014.



International Congress of Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World

IALE-Europe Ph.D. course Landscape Ecology: From pattern and process to people and action

IALE-Europe and Ghent University are pleased to announce the Ph.D. Course...

IALE 2017 European Congress

Ghent, 12-15 September 2017

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Volume 35 no. 2, June 2017