Landscape Ecology in Schools

Landscape Ecology in schools
In many countries worldwide, environmental education is poorly represented in formal education, due to the poor training of teachers, and is mostly presented as extracurricular activities but not as an on-going learning process.  In many situations, primary and secondary school teachers do not choose to teach such curricula due to the poor training available on the subject-specific didactics, as well as the lack of materials to use during classes. Moreover, teachers often lack belief and motivation that they can bring change, so that they rarely have the courage to explore non-standard topics and teaching methods in class.

Landscape Ecology is a rather young field as compared to Biology or Geography and needs support in order to become part of school curricula. Also, Landscape Ecology so far seems to be limited to the "ivory tower" of the higher education.
How do we link scientists and teachers?

To our knowledge there is no international platform that provides teachers the access to information on Landscape Ecology, and more important, to possible means of integrating it into their classes. The materials that scientists and professors use to teach Landscape Ecology (books, research papers etc.) are too complex and sophisticated to be used by school teachers. There is a need to "lower the complexity". Therefore, collaboration between scientists and teachers is necessary.  In this way, Landscape Ecology could be adapted for primary and secondary, and high school students.

The Edu-WG is fueled by the belief that environmental education, and especially Landscape Ecology competences (knowledge, skills, attitude), should be available not only for researchers who specialize in this domain, but for children and young adults who will work in various fields (which have an impact on the quality of life, on natural resources, etc.), so that sustainability can have a meaning to the broader community. Hence, we perceive Landscape Ecology education as a critical discipline and we are willing to concentrate our efforts towards becoming a source of inspiration for young teachers.

The IALE Working Group ‘Edu-WG: Landscape Ecology in Schools’ aims to support school teachers who want to integrate Landscape Ecology into their courses.

The Edu-WG aims to:    

  • support landscape ecologists who are involved in activities at pre-university education levels;
  • develop materials on Landscape Ecology didactics;
  • develop an e-learning platform of good practices and solutions in class; this platform can be accessed here:
  • organize courses and workshops in volunteering schools, in order to allow student-teachers to practice and internalize the proposed methods.

We support the Edu-WG members to:

  • exchange experiences and initiatives;
  • share materials and online courses;
  • be more involved in active teaching;
  • seek financial support, if available, in order to implement educational activities.

Upcoming events

Due to the fact that this working group is new, we are planning to promote it at the IALE 2017 European Congress, which will take place in Ghent, Belgium (12-15 September 2017). 

Joining the group

All colleagues interested in this topic are welcome to contact us: 
Ileana Stupariu: ileana.stupariu(at)
Ioana Stoicescu: ioana.stoicescu(at)
Iulia Calin: iulia.calin(at)
Simona R. Gr?dinaru:  simona.gradinaru(at) 

Moreover, a Google Group is available for joining:!forum/iale-eduwg



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