Executive Committee Duties

The President

The President shall have a four-year term. The term of the President begins at the end of a World Congress and continues until the close of the next World Congress. The President is not eligible for re-election to consecutive terms. Duties include presiding at EC and General Assembly meetings, lead new initiatives for IALE, and provide guidance to the World Congress organization held at the end of their term.

Some criteria and responsibilities of the President:

  1. Experience of chairing and organizing committees
  2. Introductory address at the World Congress
  3. Setting dates and locations of Executive Committee meetings
  4. Liaison with Secretary General about the agenda and topic of the Executive Committee meetings
  5. Chairing the Executive Committee meetings and responsibility for decision making
  6. Presentation of keynote papers at IALE and other meetings, representing IALE organization
  7. Promotion of IALE activities, especially those within regional chapters
  8. Act on scientific committees of IALE related conferences
  9. Discussion of finances with the Treasurer

The Treasurer

The Treasurer has the same term as the President and is eligible for immediate re-election. The Treasurer provides financial management for the Society.

For the management of the funds of IALE the function of treasurer needs special requirements. They are listed below:

  1. The treasurer must be a member in good standing order;
  2. The treasurer must have the capability of financial management;
  3. The seat of the treasurer and the IALE account should be in a country where it is possible to manage accounts with a stable, convertible currency;
  4. The account of IALE must be in an easily convertible and internationally widely accepted currency;
  5. The treasurer will organize under his/her supervision the membership administration and the yearly directory of members;
  6. The treasurer is capable of a consistent financial administration and is available for at least one full term.

Responsibilities of IALE Membership Administration

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for all membership-related activities, which are coordinated closely with the Secretary, as follows:
  2. Maintain the database of records for current members, including appropriate backups;
  3. Send notices and reminders about membership renewal;
  4. Collect dues payments
  5. Maintain the electronic mailing list of members (e-mail addresses) used for most IALE communications, including appropriate backups;
  6. Share the membership and e-mail distribution lists with the Executive Committee as needed;
  7. Share the membership and e-mail distribution lists with other organizations when agreed upon by the Executive Committee;
  8. Produce the Membership Directory and distribute to IALE members.

Processing of Membership Forms and Payments
(Membership Duties)

  1. The Treasurer to process membership forms and payment of dues, as follows.
  2. Membership forms and payments are sent to the Treasurer.
  3. Payment may take the form of cash, bank payments or credit cards payments. Cheques are only accepted from regions in exceptional cases. Membership forms are kept on file for two years and then safely discarded.
  4. A receipt is sent to each member thanking him/her for his/her dues and contributions made to IALE. Receipts are sent by e-mail (usually).

The Bulletin Editor / Webmaster

The Bulletin Editor, who also serves as Deputy Secretary-General and as Webmaster has the same term as the President and is eligible for immediate re-election. This person provides communication to the IALE membership through regular publication of the Bulletin and maintenance of the web site.

As Webmaster the Bulletin Editor is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the website of IALE up to date
  2. Communicating with members on website issues
  3. Coordinating website and bulletin issues with the EC

The Secretary-General

The Secretary-General has the same term as the President, but is eligible for immediate re-election. This person serves as the main communication link to the IALE members, keeps the records of IALE International and provides ongoing management for the multiple activities of IALE, and specifically the EC.

The Vice Presidents

The four Vice-Presidents are intended to provide regional representation and should reflect the international character of the Association. Vice-Presidents have four-year terms. Elections for two Vice-Presidents shall take place at two-year intervals. Vice-Presidents may be re-elected to consecutive terms.

The Vice Presidents serve as voting members of the Executive Committee, often serve as chairs of standing or ad hoc committees, and assist in various ways worked out by the EC.

These positions are the most variable in responsibility among the Executive Committee members and will generally depend on the present directions of the Society.  VPs participate in all Executive Committee discussions and decisions. Possible responsibilities include:

  1. Work with public relations of IALE, including the page to be printed in the Landscape Ecology journal.
  2. Work with Handbook and archiving of IALE activities
  3. Work with education and outreach of IALE
  4. Work with establishment and support of local chapters and working groups.
  5. Organizing regional conferences, symposia, and workshops.
  6. Help obtain funding to support young scientists and students in the field of landscape ecology.


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