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State-and-Transition-Simulation-Modeling in Real-life: A 3-part Miniseries

31 May 2021 21:59 | Anonymous

What: In this 3-part modeling miniseries, we will take a wide-ranging look at State-and-Transition-Simulation-Models (STSMs) and use the LANDFIRE BpS models as a launching point for inquiry about ecosystem change over time. We will communicate practical ways to use STSM in real-life research, management, and academia. There will be 15-20 min at the end of each section for Q & A.   

When: June 2, 9, 16

Time: 1 pm (ET) (for all sessions)

Register: (LIVE captioning will be available) | Link will stay the same for all sessions (Are you registered for one session? That means you are registered for all of them)

June 2 - Part 1: Kori Blankenship* (LANDFIRE Fire Ecologist) will discuss the basics of (STSMs), introduce the LANDFIRE BpS models and share resources for both novice and intermediate state-and-transition modelers.  

June 9 - Part 2: Leonardo Frid (Systems Ecologist at Apex Resource Management Solutions) will showcase real-life STSM applications with the ST-Sim package for SyncroSim, demonstrate how to use both the Graphical User Interface and rsyncrosim R package and discuss different approaches for applying state and transition modeling tools in real-life management scenarios.  

June 16 - Part 3: Randy Swaty (LANDFIRE Ecologist) & Dr. Priscilla NyamaiNyamai (Asst. Professor, Grand Valley State Univ.) will discuss how integrating STSMs in the classroom can be useful for conceptualizing ecosystem changes.

Check out all the details here | Sponsored by Apex RMS, International Association of Landscape Ecology | *New pub!




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