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Reminder: Draft IALE Meeting Code of Conduct

18 Jun 2021 07:41 | Anonymous
This is a reminder that the IALE Diversity & Inclusion Committee has prepared a Draft Meeting Code of Conduct to apply to all events sponsored by IALE:

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline the acceptable and unacceptable behavior at the World Congress and all other IALE-sponsored meetings and events, whether virtual in person. We propose that all attendees at future IALE World Congresses will be required to agree to this code of conduct before attending. In addition, as a condition of receiving IALE funding for meetings, regional chapters will be required to agree to the code of conduct and to share it with their meeting attendees.

We would like feedback and comments from as many IALE members as possible, and we have only heard from a few so far. Please submit your comments by 1 August 2021 via this form: PwpV6wPe6 

The IALE Diversity & Inclusion Committee:
Jen Costanza, Chair, Dolors Armenteras, Monika Engerer, Sima Fakheran, Laura Farwell, Amy Frazier, Rob Scheller




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