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Statement of a group of IALE-Russia chapter members

4 Mar 2022 08:15 | Anonymous

We, the members of Russian chapter of IALE International, condemn the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russian Government. We will do our best to influence Russian public opinion which was damaged by long lasting propaganda in state-controlled media. Well consistently persuade Russian citizens that the bloodshed, for which Putins regime bears full responsibility, undermines all moral standards and threatens global future.

Tatiana Kharitonova
Alexander Prishchepov
Svetlana Solodyankina
Alexander Abolits
Maxim Bobrovsky
Robert Sandlersky
Anton Shkaruba
Ksenia Merekalova
Dmitry Marinskikh
Oleg Zheleznyy
Alexander Karandeev
Aleksander Khoroshev




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