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Individual-based Methods in Forest Ecology and Management

3 Mar 2022 08:45 | Anonymous

A of the members of the  IALE Working Group Spatial Analysis of Organisms in the Environment has recently written a book entitled “Individual-based Methods in Forest Ecology and Management” published by Springer. Landscape ecology in forests and woodlands is an integration of structurally different fields. The book put the main ones together to provide practical approaches that can be well implemented in sustainable management of forest ecosystems and their assessment from ecological point of view. The book is consisted of seven chapters and integrates three main fields of tree/plant interactions, biometry of plant growth and human behaviour in forests. The book introduces methods that can reveal interactions of individual plants with other plants, their environment and human. Understanding the individual-based spatial interactions of plants can provide deep insight to establishment and formation of plant communities as one of the main goals in landscape ecology.




International Association for Landscape Ecology

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