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IALE-Chile: Fieldwork training

31 May 2022 11:44 | Anonymous

IALE-Chile invites to apply to the “Fieldwork training in landscapes of temperate forests: A trip to learn to share what and how we see”.

The fieldwork training organized by IALE-Chile is oriented to national and international postgraduate students, and it will cover a gradient of landscapes of Southern Chile. The event covers 3 days of activities, visiting coastal landscapes, agricultural and forestry landscapes, and touristic and conservation landscapes.

20 IALE-members will be selected to participate based on an application process. During the fieldwork, transportation, accommodation, and meals will be covered by IALE-Chile, thanks to IALE World funding. However, the participants must have the capacity to arrive in Chile on their own. Selected applicants must confirm their participation by paying a refundable fee. The event will take place in Temuco during the last week of September (fieldwork in Spanish). The exact days will be confirmed during the coming weeks. 

The fieldwork will be supported by senior researchers covering the following topics: 1) Patterns and processes in coastal, agricultural, forestry, and conservation landscapes, 2) Techniques to evaluate landscapes in the field: UAV, Validation of Satellite Imagery, 3) Ecosystem services flow, supply and demand, and 4) Biodiversity in natural and anthropogenic landscapes.

More information soon.




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