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To the Landscape Ecologists of the World

22 Jul 2022 12:30 | Anonymous

To the Landscape Ecologists of the World:

We are incredibly excited to invite everyone to Nairobi for our 2023 World Congress! Whether you are a long-time member of
the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) or you were invited to give a talk or you are simply passionate about
landscapes and landscape change, all are welcome to learn and to connect and to share with us. As the pace and scale of global change continues to accelerate, the world needs landscape ecology more than ever. We are proud of our history bridging disciplines, seeking applied solutions, and connecting scientists and practitioners from across the globe. Our host committee and host city epitomize this commitment. Africa generally, and Kenya specifically, contain some of the most diverse landscapes in the world and truly represent our shared future with global changes expressed as local management challenges. No longer can we consider our landscapes - and their management needs, including for food security, biodiversity, and climate mitigation - as independent or isolated problems.All are connected by our global culture, economy, and climate. Therefore we need to learn and respond as a global community. Our solutions and adaptations must be global as well.

Please join us for this exciting exchange of energy and information and reward yourself with the opportunity to explore and witness the incredible landscapes that Kenya provides!

Rob Scheller
IALE World President




International Association for Landscape Ecology

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