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IALE works in close collaboration with Springer to produce the major journal in the field, Landscape Ecology. First time published in 1984, Landscape Ecology has become the flagship journal in the fields of landscape ecology and sustainability science of landscapes.

Landscape Ecology focuses on highly inter- and transdisciplinary studies, aggregating expertise from biological, geophysical, and social sciences to explore the formation, dynamics and consequences of spatial heterogeneity in natural and human-dominated landscapes. The journal publishes new and innovative papers which seek to improve our understanding of the relationships between spatial patterns and ecological processes, and which provide guidance and solutions to help develop and maintain sustainable landscapes.

Landscape Ecology is a valuable resource for both researchers and practitioners in broad-scale ecology, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management, and landscape planning and design, and is one of the leading journals across these fields.

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Other journals related to IALE: 

Land is an international and crossdisciplinary Open Access journal of land use/land change, land management, land system science and landscape, etc. published monthly online by MDPI. Land is affiliated to the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) and their members receive 10% discounts of the article processing charge.


Land has been accepted for coverage in Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) in Web of Science. Land will receive the first Impact Factor in June 2020.



Landscape Online is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal supported by IALE and is published by IALE-Denmark. The focus lies on contributions on landscape research with inter- or transdisciplinary aspiration. Landscape Online is indexed by many literature search databases and since 2012 listed in the Scopus, the largest citation and abstract data base for scientific publications.

openLandscapes is an internet based thematic knowledge collection for landscape science. It is a dynamic, comprehensive and integrative information system for landscape related research. openLandscapes is an output of the working group "Information Platform Landscape Research" of IALE Germany. 

Living Reviews in Landscape Research is an international open access online journal supported by IALE international. LRLR publishes peer reviewed solicited review articles that summarise and evaluate the state of the art as well as actual problems and future needs in interdisciplinary domains of landscape research. The review articles identify research needs and highlight the integration of disciplinary fragmented re-search on overlapping topics. 

Journals with reduced subscription for IALE members

Solutions is an online and print journal, a hybrid between a popular magazine and a peer-reviewed journal. It is intended for a broad audience that reaches beyond traditional academic journals to the informed public. It will provide a much-needed forum, devoted to whole-system solutions and the design of an integrated human and natural world.

The aim of Solutions is to encourage and publish integrative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems: climate disruption, loss of biodiversity, poverty, energy descent, overfishing, air, water, and soil pollution, and human population growth, to name a few. Solutions offers reduced subscription (-5 US$) for IALE members. 

Book series

Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology

The series is published in collaboration between IALE and Cambridge University Press Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology presents synthetic and comprehensive examinations of topics that reflect the breadth of the discipline of landscape ecology. The focus is on spatial relationships at a variety of scales, in both natural and highly modified landscapes, on the factors that create landscape patterns; and on the influences of landscape structure on the functioning of ecological systems and their management. Some books in the series develop theoretical or methodological approaches to studying landscapes, while others deal more directly with the effects of landscape spatial patterns on population dynamics, community structure, or ecosystem processes. Still others examine the interplay between landscapes and human societies and cultures.

Titles available: 

Sources, Sinks and Sustainability 
Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, Anita T. Morzillo, John A. Wiens (2011)
Globalisation and Agricultural Landscapes 

Change Patterns and Policy trends in Developed Countries
Jørgen Primdahl, Simon Swaffield (2010)
Key Topics in Landscape Ecology 
Jianguo Wu, Richard J. Hobbs (2007) 
Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology 
John A. Wiens, Michael R. Moss (2005) 
Transport Processes in Nature 
Propagation of Ecological Influences Through Environmental Space
William A. Reiners, Kenneth L. Driese (2004) 
Ecological Networks and Greenways 

Concept, Design, Implementation
Rob H. G. Jongman, Gloria Pungetti (2004) 

Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Management 
Jianguo Liu, William W. Taylor (2002)

More information: 

Website: Cambridge Studies in Landscape Ecology

Other book series: 

Springer Landscape Series 

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