53rd IFLA World Congress

International Federation of Landscape Architecture

Tasting the Landscape

Turin, Italy April 20th - 22nd 2016


Putting the landscape, its care and its transformation at the center of the environmental and cultural debate in Italy and throughout the world. In fact, the landscape is an integral part of the development of a country: it improves the quality of life, makes its regions more attractive and thus favors their economic development.

This important objective was the starting point for organizing the 53rd IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) World Congress, which will be held in Turin, Italy, from April 20th to April 22nd, 2016.


The theme chosen for the congress is Tasting the Landscape, understood according to the experiential, sensory and metaphoric meanings held within the word “taste”: meanings that go back to the sensory dimension of places, and that invite us not to forget the emotional and perceptive aspects of the landscape. This chosen title places emphasis on the landscape project as an instrument that produces quality, well-being, resources, and common assets as well as on the central role of the landscape professional in the processes of restoration and regeneration of places and regions. As the focus of our studies, we have chosen the peri-urban area, that is, that place at the border between the city and the countryside wherethe majority of the sustainability challenge for the city of the new millennium plays out. The congress is organized by AIAPP – The Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, representing IFLA in Italy, in collaboration with the City of Turin.

Since 1950, AIAPP has been the reference point in Italy for all the various subjects tied to landscape architecture. It is made up of about 800 professionals that are involved in the knowledge, analyses, active conservation, design and management of open spaces, from gardens to parks to the landscape.


For the 2016 Congress, the presence of more than 2,000 professionals is expected: landscape architects from all over the world, representing national associations connected in the IFLA network (IFLA Europe, IFLA Americas, IFLA Africa, IFLA Asia-Pacific) as well as agronomists, engineers, technicians from European public administrations, politicians and administrators.  These three days of presentations should show the widest diversity of approaches and experiences at every scale, thanks to the contributions that are arriving from all over the world. The call for international papers aimed at professionals has met with extraordinary success, with almost one thousand abstracts sent. From these, about 80 will be selected, and their authors will be invited to participate in the presentations as speakers. Furthermore, in the next few weeks the names of the Congress’s Keynote Speakers will be announced – all of whom are international leaders in their fields, who will contribute to the presentations by offering their vision of the landscape and the future.

The congress will be articulated in four presentation areas: Sharing Landscapes, focused on the production of food resources in urban and peri-urban areas; Connected Landscapes, on how to generate new economies through changes in places and regions; Layered Landscapes, which investigates stratified landscapes, from ancient to recent history,which can also become places to experiment innovative care strategies and practices; Inspiring Landscapes, dedicated to the construction of collective images and to the active conservation of shared poetic and cultural patrimony.


An additional initiative in the programis a space for younger students and professionals, the protagonists of the Youngscape section.


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