Assessment and Valuation of Recreational Ecosystem Services of Landscapes

Recreation is one of the numerous benefits that individuals and societies gain from landscapes and the natural environment. Various direct and indirect benefits result from recreational opportunities, including improved physical health, the regenerative qualities related to being outside and contributions to regional development.
We invite contributions that present insights and latest methods for mapping and assessing recreational ecosystem services (RES) and cultural ecosystem services more broadly, tackling potentials, demand, actual use, as well as economic and socio-cultural values and benefits. We are particularly interested in practical applications and the potential for modelling and mapping outputs to be used in policy and practical decision making.

We welcome submissions that address the following key questions:

  • How can we advance the theory and practice of RES mapping, assessment, and economic and socio-cultural valuation in the context of MAES, including suggestions for harmonizing the diversity of approaches?
  • Which bottlenecks and innovative solutions have been identified in the mapping, assessment and valuation of RES?
  • How can ‘big data’ be applied in the assessment of RES?
  • Which evidence do we have about the links between RES and the benefits for human wellbeing?
  • How can we understand the diverse benefits depending on the diversity of beneficiaries of RES? 
  • How can we implement RES assessments that provide valid and relevant information at various spatial and temporal scales?
  • How can we harmonize different approaches to mapping and assessing RES, for example among EU member states, to enhance the comparability of the results?

Deadline for Submission is May 31, 2017.

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