CLAIM Landscape Policy Knowledge Platform launched!

As a result of the European research project CLAIM (Supporting the role of the Common agricultural policy in LAndscape valorisation: Improving the knowledge base of the contribution of landscape Management to the rural economy, 2012-2014) an online platform has been developed to provide a knowledge base supporting policy design towards an improved landscape management contributing to the production of added value for society and economy in rural areas.


The objective of the CLAIM knowledge platform is to provide an open and user-friendly access to policy-relevant theoretical knowledge and to case study evidence on cause-effect-relationships between policy and governance, the landscape and its related provision of ecosystem services and values and their relevance for regional competitiveness and social welfare. Target groups of the knowledge platform are policy makers at European level, stakeholders and decision makers at the regional level as well as academia dealing with landscape and rural development.


The empirical basis is represented by 25 individual research studies from nine different regions in Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey, including the Naturpark Märkische Schweiz, Brandenburg. The broad variety of regional settings, thematical perspectives and methodological approaches complement to a comprehensive picture. The CLAIM knowledge platform is accessible at


by Annette Piorr (Leibniz-Centre for Agricul- tural Landscape Research ZALF Müncheberg, Germany)




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