Competitive call: Support for Chapter Conferences, Working Group activities and support for Conference trips

1.      Call for Chapter Conference Supports

We consider the national and regional chapter meetings to be key for engaging the IALE community and supporting a broad perception of landscape ecology as an integrative discipline. Therefore, we ask for competitive applications for the financial support of chapter conferences that can be provided as a loan or direct support. Combinations of both are possible and subject to incoming requests and available funds. Applications for supporting chapter conferences should be send by January, 15, 2017 to Christine Fürst, including a one page description of the event and a financial plan that justifies the requested money.


2.      Call for supporting running / new Working Groups (WGs)

We consider WGs to be the most suitable instrument to enhance the cooperation and capacity building within and between the regional chapters. WGs can address a particular thematic / disciplinary interest, specific communities (e.g. young scholars) or cross-cutting topics that enhance interdisciplinary collaboration or cooperation with other platforms or societies. New WG suggestions should include the addressed topic, a short description including planned activities and the contact of the new WG leader.  Applications for financial support should provide a 1 page summary of the intended activities for which the support is required and provide a financial plan. Applications should be send to by January, 15, 2017 to Robert Scheller,


3.      Call for other activities

In support of communication and outreach activities and for strengthening the cooperation within the IALE community, we invite suggestions for innovative activities. These can comprise e.g. in capacity building or transfer activities, young scholars engagement in science-policy dialogues or innovative forms of stakeholder engagement in landscape ecological research (citizen science). They should primarily complement other activities such as conferences or workshops so that synergies can be used most efficiently. 

Applications should be addressed to Felix Kienast,, until January, 15, 2017 including a  one-page description of the planned activity and its added value / innovation input and a financial plan.



We are all greatly looking forward to your participation in our new WGs, your ideas, suggestions and particularly to sharing your landscape impressions with us!


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