IALE - North America: Landscape Ecology Without Borders

Dear IALE Community,

I am happy to share news with you of our past year of progress and change in our organization. This spring we embraced multi-national, cross-continental connections by considering a formal change to the name and scope of our association to the International Association for Landscape Ecology - North America (IALE – North America). The geographic scope of our Regional Chapter, founded in 1986 and originally encompassing only the United States, now includes Canada and Mexico, and invites participation from other North American nations. 

Between the 2018 and 2019 US-IALE annual meetings, with approval of our membership, we worked to revise the bylaws and formalize this proposed change. These revisions seek to reach underrepresented scientists, practitioners, and students across the entire continent and to ultimately increase member diversity and knowledge exchange. This past July we presented our desired changes at the IALE World Congress in Milano, Italy where both the IALE Council and Executive Committee supported our move.

Since IALE approval, we have updated our web and social media outlets. Here are the handles and addresses you will want to save:

Finally, we are super excited to hold our 2020 annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, themed, “Becoming IALE – North America: Landscape Ecology Without Borders” where we plan to pilot some innovative approaches to break cost and travel barriers, again reflecting our effort to reach broader participation across North America. See the conference theme and call for symposia here:

Looking forward from the Toronto meeting President-Elect, Nancy McIntyre and team will help set the course for the next generation of our Regional Chapter: IALE-North America. I can’t wait to see the many connections we’ll make across borders!


Janet Silbernagel

President IALE-North America



IALE - North America: Landscape Ecology Without Borders

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