Rob Scheller, IALE President

Rob Scheller, IALE President

IALE President's Message

Dear IALE Members:  

I am deeply honored to have been chosen as your president for the 2019-2023 term.  Since our inception in 1982, IALE has embodied the spirit of global collaboration and cooperation.  We have made tremendous efforts and have had great success in establishing landscape ecology as a unique and primary trans-discipline that spans ecology, design, management, and policy; we have convened numerous meetings; launched collaborations; and served as the preeminent organization that can advise on best-practices for sustaining and managing the world’s landscapes.  

We also face numerous challenges, internal and external.  Over the years, we have lost some of our focus without expanding into new domains for renewal.  Our management practices and processes lag behind other more nimble organizations. And the world itself has become more fragmented, less collaborative, more restrictive.  If we are to continue for the next 40 years, we must put forward a new vision of landscape ecology coupled with renewed energy and vigor for promoting and sustaining our organization.  

As your new president, I am committed to meeting these challenges. In the months and years ahead, expect to see new ideas, new faces, and new processes, each chosen with our challenges and opportunities in mind.  No doubt some of these will meet with more success than others. But my conversations with colleagues over the past several months has convinced me that IALE is ready for change and that our executive committee can execute on our renewed focus and energy.  This new bulletin format serves as one example: Expect to see more frequent communications delivered in a user-friendly format that will drive more traffic to our website.

Thank you again for the privilege of serving you and I look forward to our collaborations over the next four years.  

Rob Scheller


IALE - North America: Landscape Ecology Without Borders

Message from IALE-North America President

IALE President's Message

A message form Rob Scheller the newly elected IALE President

10th IALE World Congress in Milan, Italy

The IALE World Congress in Milan has concluded and it was a tremendous succes.

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Volume 37 no. 1, May 2019