New IALE benefit: free access to the journal Landscape Ecology

Dear IALE Community,

We are very excited to announce a new benefit for our members! We have renegotiated our agreement with Springer in regards to our flagship journal, Landscape Ecology.  Our new agreement includes the following benefits for all members in-good-standing:

  • Open-access (digital) to all of Landscape Ecology, including past and current issues.  
  • Annual book prize for best article (for a member)
  • Annual book prize for best poster at a conference 
  • Our logo on the cover
  • Our logo on their electronic table-of-contents
  • Discounted subscriptions

We will be sending out the annual password and link soon.  If you do not receive the email and your dues are fully paid for 2020, please contact Irene Petrosillo (IALE Treasurer) who organizes our membership list.  Likely causes are that you forgot to pay your dues (it happens to all of us from time-to-time), your email address is incorrect, or your chapter has not reported your membership to IALE-World.


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