Sponsoring young scholars – request for feed-back

Dear IALE chapter chairs & representatives,

We ask you kindly for feedback regarding student fees. As part of the engagement strategy of IALE International we intend to explore alternative models for young IALE scholars. The aim of developing an alternative model for young IALE scholars is to raise the interest of ALL students to join and engage in the IALE community; to integrate views and experiences into the society; and to grow a young, active and lively collaboration between scholars at all scientific career levels. 

Principally there are two models for consideration:  
(a)    Waive the fees for young scholars (students need to prove their status by their student ID).
(b)    Invite active and excellent students through the chapters and waive their fees until graduation. We could extend this model to young scholars in developing regions with sponsorship from members in good standing from other regions. The exclusive right to select and suggest the most appropriate students remains at the chapter level.

A general waiver for student fees is currently practiced by the Chinese chapter (good experiences); active sponsorship which creates probably a higher social commitment is, for instance, practiced in the German Foresters Association (several thousand members) with excellent experiences in the number of graduates that remain members after their graduation.  

To vote for a model, to learn more about specific advantages and risks of both solutions, and to provide few comments/suggestions of alternative models, please download this document (Word doc; 47 KB). 

Please send this document back to Christine Fürst (christine.fuerst(at) until October, 15, 2015 for further decision making through the EC. 

We are greatly looking forward to your votes and comments!

Christine Fürst     Felix Kienast     Thomas C. Edwards      Benjamin Burkhard   Irene Petrosillo
Henry Bulley        Liding Chen      Andreas A. Christensen         Robert Scheller




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