Call for abstract / International Symposium – Geneva, 25- 27 October 2017

On October 25-27, 2710 the Geneva High School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture in Switzerland is hosting a symposium for students, teachers, trainers, teacher-researchers, researchers,
landscape actors involved in training and those interested in issues concerning the landscape.
Its main objective is to bring together actors from disparate spheres that rarely intersect:
primary and secondary education, landscape schools, universities, management, vocational
education structures, environmental education networks, associations, continuing education
institutions, consultancy firms, local authorities or protected areas, decision-making or elected
bodies, etc. in an effort to discuss this common subject and the educational issues it raises.

This symposium is being organized as part of a research programme funded by the Swiss National
Science Foundation (FNS) ‘Didactics of the landscape. Sharing of didactical experiences and
perspectives on landscape controversies’
, which brings together an international team of some ten
researchers and trainers around the didactical issues concerning the landscape.

Proposals may take the form of: papers, posters, presentations of teaching aids, tools or games.

For more information visit their website or download the Call for papers as pdf here.


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