Competitive Call for funding through IALE International in 2016

Competitive Call for funding chapter / regional activities through IALE International in 2016


We ask you kindly to submit your ideas for 2016 where support of IALE international can be particularly beneficial for the agendas at national and regional scales and for establishing new Work Groups.

The IALE Executive Committee will select a number of proposals for both early career travel support and establishing new chapters and Work Groups. We will report on supported projects in the upcoming Bulletins and on the Web.

We envisage roughly 10,000 € to be dedicated in competitive manner to the following categories.

1.    Early career travelling to IALE events and related conferences

Travelling support / support for regional (chapter) meetings including scholarships to present, ex-change and adapt their works in regional / international conferences and for internationally acknowledged landscape ecology science and policy transfer platforms with a focus on connecting with IALE.

Acceptance of oral presentation is mandatory.

Note: use of IALE corporate identity templates for presentations is mandatory. These will be pro-vided in case of the acceptance for the travelling support.

2.    Consolidation request 

Chapters can apply for student member support e.g. fee waivers. It is up to the chapters to formu-late their policies for student memberships. We call for suggestions to support up to 10 - 20 students (in chapters where students have fees) and / or young graduates to support their sustainable membership in IALE.

Note: applications will target for a lump sum that can cover annual or multi-year financing; argu-ments and a short description of the concept and its added values for the chapter and for IALE international are mandatory. The expected impact, added value and a concept how to sustain the IALE membership of the student members after this funding should be part of the application.

3.    Loans for regional IALE conferences 

Provide a detailed concept of the attendance, fees and financing and how loans and financial benefits of which we expect to get a reward of 15 % should be obtained is mandatory.

Note: only existing chapters or organizers which partner-up with chapters can apply for this funding. The loan must be re-paid to IALE if the conference balance is positive; if the conference balance is negative, the negative part of the loan is forgiven. IALE requests 15% of the positive balance to be returned to IALE International. This 15% return will used by IALE to foster cross-scientific attendance among all chapters. If accepted, organizers need to enter into a legally binding contract with IALE International. Eligibility of for the loan requests is dependent on a comprehensive overall scientific and financial concept. Smaller support might be provided, but requires prove of substantial awareness and participation of science and policy consulting actors for setting IALE agendas.

4.    Support for WGs in their topical works 

This includes requests for building the work infrastructure and particularly the initial support for justifiable meetings and exchange (where synergies from conferences, skype and teleconferences have to be considered). Works on concrete products (publications, policy products) might be sup-ported if an added value for related costs in travelling, meetings and a contribution to publication costs can be well argued. 

Note: a short concept and action plan including tangible products should be submitted. 

Deadline of this call is January, 31-2016. All propositions should be sent to t.edwards [at] or fuerst [at]


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