Proposal for a IALE Working Group on ‘Landscape Planning‘

Proposal for a IALE Working Group on ‘Landscape Planning‘

Landscape planning, as a forward‐looking action to enhance, restore or create landscapes, is a dynamic field of research and application. Practitioners and researchers around the world are active in contributing to the further development of landscape planning theory and practices. Many IALE conferences feature related presentations and symposia. What is missing, however, is a continuous forum for landscape planners within IALE to stay in contact, to share experiences, and to jointly move landscape planning forward.

The objective of this proposed IALE working group is to provide a forum for continuous debate and exchange of landscape planning practitioners and scientists concerning emerging challenges, topical issues as well as the further development of landscape planning theory and methods. 


To achieve its objective, the working group will undertake the following activities:

  • to set up an e-mailing list for communication,
  • to regularly organize symposia and workshops at IALE World or regional Conferences,
  • to identify topical challenges, trends and development of landscape planning,
  • to engage in joint publications, and
  • to explore options for further collaboration in joint research projects.

The working group shall be founded at the IALE 2015 World Congress in Portland, USA. The inaugural meeting will be the Conference symposium ‘Innovations in Landscape Planning’, to be held on July 8, 2015, from 9.20 am to 5 pm. A joint publication of the symposium results is planned.

All interested colleagues are warmly invited to participate in this working group. For more information and in case you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Christian Albert at: albert(at)


by Christian Albert (University of Hannover) 


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